Align to Point Rhinoscript


A basic Rhinoscript to rotate surfaces to align their normal to a point.

Option Explicit
'Script written by Che-Wei Wang
'Script version Friday, March 07, 2008 10:55:15 AM

Call Main()
Sub Main()
	'select srfs to rotate
	Dim arrSurfaces:arrSurfaces=Rhino.GetObjects("select surfaces to rotate")
	'select point
	Dim point:point=Rhino.GetPoint("select light source point")
	'calcuate vector from point to each srf
	Dim srf
	For Each srf In arrSurfaces
		'find center of each srf
		Dim arrCentroid:arrCentroid=Rhino.SurfaceAreaCentroid(srf)
		'arrCentroid(0) is the center point
		Dim lightVector:lightVector=Rhino.VectorCreate( point,arrCentroid(0) )		
		'calculate normal to srf
		Dim srfNormal:srfNormal=Rhino.SurfaceNormal( srf, Array(0,0) )
		'normalize vectors
		'calcuate dot product and convert to radians
		Dim Angle:Angle=acos(Rhino.VectorDotProduct( lightVector,srfNormal)) 
		'calculate rotation axis
		Dim rotAxis:rotAxis=Rhino.VectorCrossProduct(lightVector, srfNormal )
		'rotate srf by that angle
		Call Rhino.RotateObject(srf,arrCentroid(0),360-Rhino.toDegrees(angle),rotAxis)
End Sub