Chess Clock


I couldn’t find a fullscreen chess clock so I wrote a very simple application to do just that. The ring counts down the total number of seconds remaining instead of the traditional clock with second and minute hands. A small dot at the center of each ring indicates which player is white and turns red to indicate the flag. While one player’s display is couting down, the other’s is dimmed. The timer is easily adjusted and displayed at the center of the screen prior to starting the timer from 1-150 minutes.

Current Version: 0.01
Creator: Che-Wei Wang
License: GNU Public License (freeware, open source)
Download Beta: Chess Clock [windows] [mac osx] [linux] (source included, written in Processing)
To do: time delay, time control
press ‘UP’ to increase time in minutes
press ‘DOWN’ to decrease time
click on circle to begin timer and select white player
press ‘r’ to reset
press ‘p’ to pause
press any key or click the mouse to toggle between black and white
press ‘ESC’ to exit the program


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