AGS : Haiku Shake V02


AGS aka Haiku Shake is a haiku generator. Tilting to the left begins the trickling of the haiku. Each haiku is generated randomly based on 3 haiku forms and a set of preselected words. To generate a new haiku, just shake it.

Ags has 3 haiku forms along with a list of words hard coded onto the chip. Each shake generates a random selection of words to fit the 5 7 5 syllable format as well as 3 predetermined haiku forms.

article adjective noun
article noun verb preposition article noun
adjective adjective noun

noun preposition article noun
article adjective noun preposition article noun
adjective noun

article adjective adjective noun
preposition article adjective noun
article noun verb

Examples of some randomly generated haikus from Ags:
either funny hand
a bank flies on which treasure
constant brutal hand

this perfect grapefruit
a grapefruit brings for this tree
warming smiling clown

sea on a flower
which hidden beat with a clown
warming harmony

a patient light sky
but a perfect umbrella
flowing flower hugs

which pretty white rain
against a pretty puddle
hidden puddle

gate for either dish
which brutal breeze through that room
smiling umbrella

a forgiving sky
a spoon juggles but a clown
warming constant sky

Verson 02 features:
-expanded word set (80 nouns, 40 adjs, 60 verbs, 7 articles, and 20 preps)
-uses flash memory on chip to store words (PROGMEM)
-syllable checking for haiku form
-3 haiku forms
-simple article choosing function between β€˜a’ or β€˜an’ before vowels
-trickling text based on tilt
-shake sensor to generate a new haiku

AGS : Haiku Shake V02 from che-wei wang on Vimeo.


Arduino Mini
SerLCD 2.5
1 AA battery stepped up to 5VDC
Toggle switch
Altoids tin
Arduino Code : haikushake10forms.pde