Pneumatic Muscle : Solenoid Valve Test


I finally got the solenoid valve hooked up to an air compressor and and arduino board. Air pressure is regulated at 100 psi. It looks like I’m going to need bigger pipes to get more cfm for faster muscle actuation. The shorter muscle has an over sized braided sleeve, which I thought might help the actuation distance, but it seems like it just takes more air to fill up and doesn’t make a noticeable difference.

Pneumatic Muscle: Solenoid Valve Test 02 from che-wei wang on Vimeo.


  1. The vex solenoids look like they work great. Do you have an idea how much pressure they can stand and if anyone else sells similar valves?

  2. yea i asked to buy them out of the kit, but they don’t, unfortunately. They are 3 way valves. try scouring ebay, sometimes there are equivalent used valves for really cheap.

  3. I called too but they said they just sell the circuit that drives the solenoid. Do you only have two choices with the valves (air in or air out) or three (air in, air out, flow stopped)?

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