Drum Space

Drum space is a percussion instrument that transforms environments into drums. Participants are immersed within the space of drums as beats are created from the surrounding surfaces. The audio experience of the space is negotiated by each participant as they add and remove beats from sequences previously constructed by other participants. Will the space be raging noise or subtle clicks?

The core of the project is an electronically activated mechanism which swings various drum mallets. This module acts as an extension of a drummer’s hand and is mounted on various surfaces in the space. The walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows are all great candidates for drum surfaces. The mallet modules each hold different types of percussion mallets to create a range of sounds. At the center of the space is the control sequencer which connects to all the modules. The sequencer records and plays back beat sequences so additional effects can be explored through trimming and layering of beats. Each participant has the power to eliminate and add beats to previously constructed sequences enabling a collaborative participation. The web interface replicates the physical sequencer and streams live video of the space allowing participants to manipulate the drum sequences and participate in the exhibition.

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